Our services


We are farmers. We tend to our printer farm and make sure all items get printed with quality and strength. Using our cloud based system network we can deliver an ambitious turnaround superseding conventional manufacturing methods.


If you think it, we can build it. Seriously. We have multiple designers versed in various software packages who are excited to take on your project. Satisfying your design needs makes us smile and keeps our cups full of coffee.


From small to large scale, we capture real life objects and bring them digital. This lets us use high resolution color texture and model meshes for printing, visual effects in video as well as video game models.


We specialize in additive (3D printing) and subtractive (CNC) manufacturing. If 3D printing isn’t an option. We have available laser cutters and CNC machines to get the project done.


Like tiered pricing? So do we. We can produce fine resolution with near injection mold quality or can deliver rough prototyping prints to suit your budget.

Project Management

Your workflow is important. We take your project seriously and retain satisfaction working with clients to deliver the highest quality outcome. If you need guidance to take your product to market, we’re here to help.